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Tess Gadd is best known for her bright and expressive paintings, featuring the Rainbow Nation.

South African is a mixing pot of cultures – or a ‘Rainbow Nation’, as described by Archbishop Desmond Tutu, post apartheid. Tess likes to represent this in her paintings. She plays with the concept that no matter what your culture is, we can all unite and have a enjoy what South Africa has to offer. Because the use of colour is so important in her work, Tess works in multiple mediums to achieve her signature style.

She was naturally drawn to the world of Art by her parents, Ann and Anthony Gadd, both of whom are full-time artists. “Because of my upbringing, being covered in paint and surrounded by paintings at different levels of completion, always felt very natural to me.” Once leaving school, she went on to study advertising and design, but still pursues her passion to paint.

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