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Acrylics and water base printing inks is her medium most of the time so that her work can dry fast. She works with layers of colour, preferably on dark background. An abstract still life from different angles is a favourite topic, but it is colour that is her biggest tool and that eventually shapes her canvas. She has a print like technique that makes it difficult to visualize the end product, and she Iikes that unpredictability of the outcome.

After she finished her Diploma in Graphic Art at the Cape Technicon, and her travels abroad, she worked in the textile printing industry for about 10 or more years. Her experience there definitely influenced her work in more than one way.

“Do not expect anyone to make you happy. Create your own happiness”. – That is what she would like to teach her children every day.

Her dream for the future is simply to have enough time to paint and be creative.

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